Home made granola

I’ve spent this weekend at my brother’s flat in Gothenburg, Sweden. Him and his girlfriend make their own granola and made some fresh on Saturday morning.

They put oats on a grease proof paper lined tray into the oven (150) with walnuts, linseed, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, dried fruit and butter (or oil). put it all under the grill, turning it a few times. Allow it to cool fully before eating.

You can choose whatever ingredients you like, just asking them while I type this vanilla essence, dried cranberries and almonds were added to what you can put in. I’ll be making my own mix when I get home, if for nothing else that the gorgeous smell while it’s cooking.


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Christina Hunter

I'm a personal trainer who loves to cook and eat so I started a blog to share my food, recipes and experiences.

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