Thai green curry

We had some friends over for dinner last Saturday night. I wanted to make something tried and tested and also that can be prepared in advance so I made my thai green curry.

I had done a cooking course in Thailand 9 years ago (that makes me feel old) which including a lot of grinding and making pastes with a pestel and mortar. The food was lovely but labour intensive enough that I could only be bothered to do it again a couple of times once I got back. A few years ago I wrote down this recipe which is easy enough to always make a curry paste from scratch (or freeze half for next time. (I think this originally came from the BBC food website although I can’t find it on there again.)

You first need to make the curry paste, which is basically blend all the following ingredients (I use the hand blender):

6 green chillies
2 roughly chopped shallots (or one small onion – white not red)
a 5cm piece of fresh ginger, chopped
2 garlic cloves
a small bunch of fresh coriander (stalks included)
2 lemongrass stalks – chopped
1 lime – zest & juice
1 lime – zest
1 tbsp crushed coriander seeds
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground peppercorns
2 tsp thai fish sauce
3 tbsp olive oil

Once you’ve made the curry paste the curry is really easy:

– heat some oil and add half the paste (2-3 tbsp), 1 tbsp brown sugar and a stalk of bashed lemongrass – fry for a couple of mins
– add diced chicken, zest of 1 more lime and cook for a bit
– add 1 tin coconut milk (or 2 for 4 people), a good dash of fish sauce and simmer for 30 mins
– right at the end stir in another bunch of fresh, chopped coriander and squeeze over the juice of 1 lime


As we had guests over I also tried out a couple of new recipes for starters, both not mine so I will link to them on the BBC Good Food website:

Thai spinach bites – Once I made this mix I was worried that the lime and the ginger in them would be over-powering, but I followed the recipe to the letter and the balance was just right. The half chilli I put in was a little on the large side I think and they had quite a kick.

Fragrant Thai Prawns – These have also got a kick and are so tasty. We served both starters up with prawn crackers and I almost wish we had some bread to dip into the sauce left in the bottom of the bowl because it was so yummy. I’ll definitely make these again and again.




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3 thoughts on “Thai green curry”

      1. So we finally tried it tonight, think it went ok for my first try! Eager to fine tune it though… I will add these notes for any other newbies with this recipe:
        – we have no blender so I just hand-chopped everything as finely as I could; you can get away with it although the texture is obviously different
        – a “bunch” of coriander is a bit subjective, and in mine I overdid it and the coriander was a bit overpowering.. so be careful!
        – I bought “Melissa officinalis” (Citronmeliss in Swedish) instead of lemon grass.. I only later found out they’re not the same thing. I totally had to improvise on the quantities but I think it made a decent enough substitute
        – we had it with brown rice but it was a mistake, the brown rice has a flavour of its own which really clashes with the delicate flavours in the curry!

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