Christmas lunch in Malta


We’re in Malta for Christmas this year so I haven’t done much cooking but have done lots of eating. For Christmas day 22 of us were at my Aunty Moira’s house with the above beautiful view of Valletta out of the living room window.


What followed was a 5 course meal consisting of:

20111226-224038.jpg Stracciatella Soup – a broth with parmesan cheese, bread, eggs and plenty of parsley. The cheese makes the soup creamy and the parsley gives it a fresh taste – it went down a treat.

20111226-225125.jpg Imqarrun fil-forn – a tradition taken from the Italians, we like having pasta as a starter and imqarrun is a classic Maltese dish, I love it! This is macaroni baked in the oven with a meat sauce (bolognese style) and an egg mixed in to bind. The best bit are the top layer of macaroni which get crunchy while baking.


20111226-225657.jpg The main event – for our main course we had a choice of salmon, turkey and stuffing or pork. I went for the salmon, with some Mediterranean vegetables and beans.

OK, it was Christmas so I had a bit of turkey and stuffing after I’d eaten this plate.

I forgot to take a picture of the cheese board and our first desert which was tiramisu (whoops) which was closely followed by coffee and pastini from Cafe Cordina.


20111226-230840.jpg This Mille Foglie which included layers of sweet ricotta, chocolate, sponge and pastry was delicious.

And so we paused from eating until a few hours later, after a few games of tombola..

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