Chocolate success!


Some of you may remember my chocolate fail from last year. Since then I tried to make the chocolate nemesis again, and once again it wasn’t quite right. Tonight our friends Ben & Cheryl were coming over for dinner as it was Ben’s birthday earlier in the week, so I gave it another go and it as they say – third time’s a charm.

What was I getting wrong? The first time, many things (read about them here). The second time I think the oven was a bit too high because I got a crust on top, I left it in for the right amount of time but it still didn’t set, and I also forgot to put it in a larger dish with hot water in to cook evenly.

Today I remembered the hot water around it, one thing right. The next was to put the oven on a low heat – 140 degrees. While the recipe said cook for 55 minutes, I cooked it for 65 and then turned the oven off, leaving the chocolate nemesis in for another hour. I still got a crusty top, but it came away quite easily and underneath the nemesis was nicely set.

So did it taste good? Its very rich tasting as it uses dark chocolate, but not bitter and the texture was light. The strawberries on the side were a nice contrast with the dark chocolate and some vanilla ice cream would have gone down really well with it (if only I had some).

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4 thoughts on “Chocolate success!”

  1. To prevent the crust forming, cover the cake tin with a plate or foil and cook until set. Yours still looks too mousse-like; allow it to cool for several hours out of the oven and it will firm up a little. Get neat wedges by cleaning your knife under the hot water tap between each cut. The River Cafe serve it with creme fraiche – the sourness works perfectly against the richness of the torte.

    Substituting for Dairy Milk in your first attempt is the funniest thing I’ve read in ages. For that gift alone I pass on these tips. 🙂

      1. Dairy Milk isn’t chocolate. It’s a chocolate flavoured, sugary milk bar, fine as a snack (if that’s what floats your boat) but not fit for purpose in this instance since it contains little over 20% cocoa solids. Nemesis requires the best chocolate you can afford with 60-70% cocoa solids. For a palate used to Cadbury’s, this may not be particularly appealing.

        Substituting real chocolate with Dairy Milk in recipes is not a good idea because it alters the amount of fat and sugar, thus changing the cooking properties and ultimately the texture and taste of the finished article. It’s like swapping tomatoes for ketchup in a recipe and expecting the same results.

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