Alpine Eating


This week we’ve been in Livigno – skiing is the perfect holiday for me, lots of exercise and lots of food.

Check out this plate of local delicacies:


What you can see there is polenta (just about), sausage meat, deer stew, veal stew, pizzoccheri – something I’ve had here for the first time, they’re not too different from gnocchi in that they have a pasta-type consistency but are made from potatoes and a lot smaller than gnocchi, served in a tomato and bacon sauce – gnocchi in a creamy sauce (also local, I’m not sure what was in it, bacon again, cheese and a pesto-like sauce), and of course pasta.

All of this washed down with the aperitivo of choice here, an aperol spritz, made with aperol, prosecco and lemonade:


To be honest, the spritz was a little bitter for me (or I’ve not yet developed the palate for aperol) so we tried some locally brewed beer instead – 2 litres of:


Are you interested in some more food I’ve eaten this week at our hotel?

Creamy vegetable lasagne layered with aubergines and marrows and plenty of parmeggiano on top:


Rabbit, stewed I think, with roast potatoes and buttery broccoli:


An impressive – and tasty – creme brûlée with the sugar lit at the table when served (I’m doing this at home from now on, especially if we have guests over):


I could go on but I’m worried I’m beginning to bore you. Back in the kitchen in the next couple of days so after a short period of silence I’ll be blogging again soon.

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Christina Hunter

I'm a personal trainer who loves to cook and eat so I started a blog to share my food, recipes and experiences.

One thought on “Alpine Eating”

  1. Part of the fun of being abroad is tasting new dishes. The vegetable lasagna looks really good and something I want to try. The spritz should make a nice change from campari and orange. x

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