Help request: What do I do with Tartufo e Chardonnay


Hello Internet, I need some advice. I received this tartufo e Chardonnay oil as a gift for Christmas..a couple of months have passed and I still haven’t used it because I don’t really know what to do with it.

Do I just add it to a risotto? I’ve heard about using truffles with eggs, but how?

So this is my request for ideas and recipes – please help!

Much appreciated x

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7 thoughts on “Help request: What do I do with Tartufo e Chardonnay”

  1. Risotto was my first thought too, or maybe using it dress a chicken and crispy lettuce salad, with croutons, a sort of light cesar salad? I thing the thing with eggs is that you either shave truffle over the egg or mix it into scrambled eggs or something so not sure this would work.Is it oil and vinegar mixed together? I reckon you should taste a bit of it first and if it’s really nice on it’s own maybe just using it for salads or dipping bread into is the best thing – if you mess with it too much it might overpower it.

    1. Just saw your earlier comment, it says oil&vinegar on the front but consistency is like oil.

      Maybe I’m over-thinking it a bit, and should just be using it as a dressing and for dipping bread like you suggest x

  2. You might wish to consider fresh ravioli filled with something quite light, then just sprinkle the oil on top. Possibly served with cheese, but it would have to be one which doesn’t kill the truffle oil.

  3. There’s a recipe in Nigella How To Eat that’s mashed potato drizzled with truffle oil and topped with lots of prawns. Haven’t tried it but could work? x

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