Toffee apple crumble


The picture of this apple crumble is rubbish, maybe because I was in such a hurry to eat it – I promise there’s apples underneath that crumble and a lot more sugar in the whole thing than I care to think about…I’ll share the recipe with you anyway. (serves 4)

I boiled around 200g of golden caster sugar (although you can use any sugar you want) with just under 100ml of water to make a caramel. Then I added a knob of butter (about 30g), and 4 peeled, cored apples chopped into large chunks to soften.

What I’m going to say now might be controversial..I don’t think it matters what type of apples you use. Recipes usually say to use cox or braeburn apples but I always use what I have, which on this case was 2 braeburns and 2 granny smiths. When you’re adding this much sugar and boiling even the granny smith apples, which can be bitter, taste as sweet as anything.

So that was my filling done, I put it in a greased (with butter) ovenproof tray and made my crumble topping.

Take equal amounts of flour, butter and brown sugar (I used 120g of each), put them in a largish bowl, clean your hands and rub your ingredients together until it is the texture of breadcrumbs. If your crumble is a bit sticky with big clumps you might need to add a bit more flour.

That’s it, put on top of your toffee apples and put in an oven (180 degrees) for 20-30 minutes or until golden and bubbling.

Served here with clotted cream ice cream.

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Christina Hunter

I'm a personal trainer who loves to cook and eat so I started a blog to share my food, recipes and experiences.

6 thoughts on “Toffee apple crumble”

  1. I have an apple orchard and always have told visitors to mix several varieties. I think combining tart, sweet, soft and firm apples gives the recipe something special.

  2. I think your pictures pretty awesome! With soft crumble topping Snd that (clotted cream) ice team you described, it’s screaming comfort to me right now!!! Lol 🙂 ok and it’s past midnight here so I’d give anything for a homemade dessert right now…

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