Did the bikini diet work?

Two weeks later is my body bikini beautiful? I haven’t noticed much of a difference, which is pretty disappointing. This may be because I didn’t really stick to the diet on weekends, food is too big a part of my social life, also I did not follow the exercise regime to the letter, although I did as much as I could which was generally 5 days out of 7.
It’s probably that 2 weeks is never going to be enough time and you need 4-6 weeks of any regime to see some proper results.

On the plus side, I’ve learnt a few things from the day menus which I’ll be incorporating into everyday food choices:
– whole grain, not white, bread/pasta/rice (this is a switch I’m happy to make, I love brown bread )
– no potatoes (or as little as possible)
– have a mid morning and mid afternoon snack
– going forward every ceaser salad will be made with the low fat yoghurt dressing
– with the best will in the world, you cannot make carbonara with Greek yoghurt

I’ve also got a new favourite breakfast:


1 weetabix with 2 tbps (low fat) Greek yoghurt, half a punnet of strawberries and a drizzle of honey – healthy and yummy!

Maybe I’m just meant to be a little squishy around the edges…time to embrace one piece swimsuits?

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Christina Hunter

I'm a personal trainer who loves to cook and eat so I started a blog to share my food, recipes and experiences.

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