Marrow and ginger jam

I’ve been on the hunt to find different recipes to make with the massive marrow I was given as a gift a couple of weeks ago.
Frankly, I would be happy to eat the whole thing stuffed with various fillings, like the veggie one I made the other day, or beef mince with plenty of cheese on top, or Moroccan style with a lamb mince and spices as suggested by a colleague.

However, now that I write a blog I feel obliged to try some more inventive things. So after some scouring of the net I went to the site that never lets me down – BBC Good Food – and found this recipe for marrow and ginger jam.

I assumed this would be a chutney type jam to have with cheese and biscuits, but looking at the sugar content that couldn’t be right – wouldn’t marrow jam be just a little strange? There’s only one way to find out, so I got cooking.

As with all jams (which I know as of this week), you need equal amounts of your main ingredient – in this case marrow – and jam sugar, apparently not to be confused with preserving sugar.


To make marrow and ginger jam you need:
– equal amounts of marrow and jam sugar
– grated rind and juice of 2 lemons
– around 50g of peeled, finely grated fresh ginger


Cook the marrow, chopped to the size of sugar cubes, on a low heat with the juice of half a lemon until softened, but not too mushy. (I had 600g of each)

Once softened, add the sugar a stir until completed melted, then add the rest of the lemon juice, lemon zest and ginger.

Bring the boil and simmer for 10-15 minutes until at ‘setting point’.


To test for setting point, put a saucer into the freezer well before you start boiling. Spoon a little of the jam onto the saucer. Once cool, push it with your finger. If the jam wrinkles, it’s ready.
I’ll be honest, I hadn’t prepared my frozen saucer, so just guessed the jam would be OK, it’s a little on the watery side, but otherwise fine.

Once done, pour the jam into warm, sterilised jars and seal.

The marrow jam is definitely a sweet, rather thank savoury jam. I might have put in a little too much ginger as its a little on the tangy side although the flavours are meant to mature over time, so this might change.
It doesn’t taste much of marrow at all, more like a lemony ginger marmalade.

It’s going to be lovely on toast for the next few months, also with yogurt and granola for breakfast.



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