Greedy Italians’ fish soup-stew

fish soup-stew

You can rely on Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo for a hearty recipe, and this fish soup-stew is no different.

Just in case one day the above link stops working, here’s how I cooked it (looking at the recipe again I just spotted I missed out the red wine when adding the tomatoes – whoops):

– Fry 1 chopped onion, 2 minced garlic cloves in a heavy based pan
– Add a handful of chopped cherry tomatoes, a chopped red chilli, a handful of chopped parsley, 1/2 tsp of mustard seeds

frying tomatoes, parsley, onion and garlic

– Pour in a tin of chopped tomatoes and season with salt and pepper, bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes
– Add your fish – I had a fish pie mix which was nice, although this would be a lot nicer with a white fish and mussels
– Dish up and serve with a squeeze of lemon juice

fish stew


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Christina Hunter

I'm a personal trainer who loves to cook and eat so I started a blog to share my food, recipes and experiences.

2 thoughts on “Greedy Italians’ fish soup-stew”

  1. Hi Chris – We did this exact recipe and wasn’t disappointed. My suggestion is that the white fish used needs to be not “fragile” – We used sea bass filets and they disappeared! Maybe cod would have been better.
    I think missing the red wine was might have been a blessing as this tends to make the stew too dark.
    For a (near-enough) authentic Italian version, try Tegamaccio, an Umbrian speciality from any Strada restaurant. Delicious. (not my pic!)

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