Veal with creamy brandy mushroom sauce


The best thing about this recipe is flambe-ing the sauce! A little scary but mostly fun, and so far no one has hurt themselves doing it.

Here’s the recipe:

– Season you veal escalopes and fry in a little oil and a knob of butter for a couple of minutes on each side>
– Take the veal out of the pan and rest while in the same pan fry one finely chopped onion, 100-150g of sliced mushrooms and a crushed clove of garlic.
– Once all are cooked, put the veal back into the pan, add a good dash of brandy and flambe! (remember the Fresh Prince of Bel Air episode?) Flambe-ing is easy, just light a match and hold it to the brandy a few seconds after pouring it into the pan, ensuring that you’re not leaning over it too closely
– pour in 50ml of cream, season with salt & pepper, heat for a minute or so and serve

A pretty quick (all cooked in 15mins), and really tasty.

veal and mushrooms


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Christina Hunter

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