Scallops with prosciutto and lime dressing

Scallops are Rich’s absolute favourite so whenever I see a fishmonger (or in this case the fresh fish counter in our local tesco) selling them I always get some to make a quick and easy scallop salad.

I put some salad leaves on a plate, and make a dressing by grating the rind of 1 lime and adding the juice of 1 or 2 limes (depending on how juicy they are) with some olive oil.

Then, simply season and fry the scallops (a minute on each side) and in the meantime put a slice of prosciutto onto the lettuce, piling the scallops on top once they’re done.



Cornish fudge

On my first ever trip to Cornwall in August 2011 Cornish fudge what such a revelation to me, I had no idea you could get so many different flavours – we visted the fudge shop every day in our best attempt to try them all.

My favourite was definitely dark chocolate and chilli, the lemon meringue was also lovely, as was the strawberries and cream flavour (half white/half pink in the picture below) and while not strictly fudge they did a lovely nougat covered in peanuts on the outside (both pieces as yet uneaten in the picture below).

The shop in the above photo had the best fudge in Padstow without a doubt – you can find it right by the sea on The Strand in the town cetnre.