onion soup


Taken from Jamie at Home this onion soup (which he makes with British onions, but I don’t discriminate, or grow my own like him) is a really warming and comforting meal for the winter months.

Its made of all different types of onions – basically whatever you’ve got although the more mixed the tastier – ideally red onions, white onions, shallots and leeks.

Put a knob or butter in a large heavy based pan on medium heat and throw in a handful of fresh sage leaves and 4 cloves of minced/grated garlic. While that begins to warm slice up all your onions and put in the pan, along with a healthy seasoning of salt and pepper.

The trick to this soup is to let your onions cook for a long time on a low heat. Once they are all in the pan turn the heat down low, put the lid on with a slight gap and cook for around an hour, stirring every now and again to ensure it doesn’t stick.

After an hour add a litre of chicken or vegetable stock (you may need to add a bit more/less depending on how many onions you used), season again adding a good dash or worchester sauce, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes.

Onions are naturally sweet and I consistently don’t add enough salt to the soup, in order for you not to make the same mistake I recommend you now taste your soup to check the seasoning.

Your soup is then ready to serve, which is extra tasty with some cheese on toast to dip in. (In a moment of patriotism I used a tasty smoked applewood).